The Abstract Submission is now closed!

Thank you very much to the numerous authors who have submitted their results. The reviewing and selection process has now started and should end by the second week of July. The authors will be notified by mid-July about the final selection of their abstract(s) and their assignment as an oral or poster presentation. Thank you for your patience.

Abstract Guidelines

Find the ISPAD 2022 Conference Abstract Guidelines for you to review below:

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Abstract Categories

  1. Diabetes and COVID-19
  2. Diabetes and Technology
    1. Pumps and CGM
    2. Automated Insulin Delivery, Closed loop
    3. Telemedicine, Digital Health, Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence Applications
  3. Diabetes Pathogenesis, Epidemiology and Etiology
  4. Diabetes Care
    1. Virtual Diabetes Care
    2. Diabetes at School
    3. Economics/Access to Care
    4. Ethics of Care
    5. General Diabetes Care
  5. Diabetes Therapy and Prevention
    1. Adjunctive Therapies
    2. New insulins
    3. Other Pharmacologic Agents
    4. Novel Advances and Interventions
  6. Diabetes Education
  7. Diabetes Complications
    1. Acute Complications
    2. Chronic Complications
  8. Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Diabetes in Developing Countries and Migrant Populations
  10. Diabetes-Associated Diseases
  11. Lifestyle – Nutrition and Exercise
  12. Genetics, Immunology and the Environment
  13. Monogenic and other forms of Diabetes
  14. Psychosocial Issues