Main Scientific Formats


In each of the symposia, a focus is placed on a specific topic, with selected expert speakers and delegates able to share experiences and relevant research findings in interactive question and answer times allotted to each session. Symposia are moderated by two chairpersons, with three invited speakers per session.

Meet the Expert

Meeting the Expert

A 60-minute session featuring one keynote speaker on a selected topic per session. The invited speaker is a world-leading expert in the field, able to offer deep up-to-date insights and findings, highlight open questions and discuss strategies that need to be addressed in the future. The session is moderated by one chair and will include a Q&A at the end.

Plenary Session

High-interest topics relating to current themes of pediatric diabetes will be presented in a stand-alone session, by invited speakers. Plenary Sessions are moderated by one chair with three invited speakers per Session.


Two experts in their field will present their contradicting opinions on a pediatric diabetes topic. At the end the chair of the Session will moderate a discussion between the two speakers.

Moderated Oral Session

Moderated Oral Session

Noteworthy abstracts from each abstract category are presented in parallel-running sessions. Moderated Oral Sessions are presented into themes that address new research in each of the categories. Each presentation is followed by a short question and answer session facilitated by the two co-chairs.

Special Interest Group Meeting

Special Interest Group Meeting

This year’s Congress will host three sessions dedicated to the work of ISPADs Special Interest Groups. These SIG Meetings will allow healthcare professionals of all disciplines to share recent advances in their special area of interest. It will encourage future collaborative research projects and promote activities to enhance education among participants.